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Mitch Stewart

Mitch Stewart / Kurt Allison - Waiting For Yesterday (1996) (song for "The Ticking Man" / Movie) {Vocals}
Overture - Overture (1997) Full CD {Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Tom Kiefer and Fred Coury / Cinderella} {Vocals/Songwriter}
Radio Knowledge - Radio Knowledge (1998) Full CD {Producer/Songwriter/Guitars/Vocals}
Overture - Fly Again (2001) Single {Songwriter/Vocals}
Circle II Circle - Middle Of Nowhere (2005) Full CD {Bass}
Circle II Circle - Burden Of Truth (2006) Full CD {Songwriter/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys)
R-Truth (Ron Killings / WWE Superstar) - You Can't Stop Me (featuring "What's Up" - Ring Entrance Music) (2007) Full CD {Producer/Engineer}
Circle II Circle - Delusions Of Grandeur (2008) Full CD {Producer/Main Songwriter/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys}
Tomorrow's Eve - Tales From Serpentia (2009) Full CD {Spoken / Main Character}
Paul Michael Stewart - Train Of Fate (2009) Single {Music for "Venice Bound" / Movie} {Songwriter/All Music}
Paul Michael Stewart - Hear It (2009) Single {Music for "Venice Bound" / Movie} {Songwriter/All Music}
Circle II Circle - Consequence Of Power (2010) Full CD {Producer/Main Songwriter/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys}
R-Truth - Right Time (2010) Single (WWE Ring Entrance Music) {Songwriter/Engineer/Producer/Guitars}
The Element - From Sand Pt 1 (2011) {Songwriter/Producer/Bass}
R-Truth - You Suck (2011) Single (WWE Bad Guy Ring Entrance Music) {Engineer/Producer/Guitars}
R-Truth – Little Jimmy (2013) Single (WWE youtube video) {Songwriter/Engineer/Producer/Guitars and Bass}
Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall (2013) Full CD (Songwriter/Producer/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards)
Won a "Slammy" award for R-Truth's Entrance music, "What's Up" in 2008

Endorsements Include:
Aristides Basses and Guitars
Morley Pedals
Fire Pedals
Liszko Guitar Straps
InTune Guitar Picks
Rock and Roll Gangstar Clothing
Dixie Devil Tattoos