About Us - Fire Custom Shop Fire Custom Shop


Formed in 2009, F!RE Custom Shop was born to fulfill
the Brazilian market needs with quality and innovation,
that until then was just provided by the international brands.

It’s Custom Shop because it’s much more than just produce
another product. We cannot treat something so special,
unique and artistic as just a “money maker”. The music and
our products are love, art, inspiration and our mission.

Each project is unique, each client is unique and this
experience we want to make it great.

We work for the music to make a better living.

Today we have around 300 Brazilians shopkeepers and
thousands of musicians that believed us since the

Our team is made of administrators, managers, engeneers,
salesmen, but mainly of artists. Thats where the inspiration
to refine and keep creating projects comes from. Expanding
more and more the range of tones and possibilities, with the
duty of presenting majestic solutions for your work, hobby
or pleasure.


• To be a national reference in the manufacture of
musical products following international quality standards.

• Provide the customer the opportunity to acquire high
quality products without resorting to the international market.

• Practice an appropriate pricing policy to the Brazilian reality.

• Constant development and improvement of products;

• Full and customized support to each merchant and / or consumer;

• Meeting deadlines and commitments;

• Products with quality and international standard at fair prices;

• Credibility in the market.


• Manufacturing and development of musical equipment
and accessories;

• Development, feasibility and execution of projects and partnerships.


• Love to God

• Ethics and respect for our employees, suppliers, partners and customers;

• Love and respect to art