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Classic-fuzz, gated-fuzz, compressed-fuzz,
dying-fuzz, creeping-fuzz, and more! Have Fun!


“I really liked the range of features that ‘Trip’N’Fuzz’ offers, beyond the ‘Psycho’ function and also has the bias control. It sings depending on which pickups and different guitar’s volume adjustments. I play P90 soap bar, traditional single coils and humbuckers equiped guitars, i can tell you each guitar will have it’s own tone response and ‘trip’.”



• FUZZ: Adjust FUZZ intensity, from light to real heavy fuzz tones
• BIAS: Adjust the way the transistors work, changing how it sounds
and behaves.
• TONE: Adjust the high/low frequencies balance
• VOLUME: Output volume
• PSYCHO: Has its own dedicated footswitch to turn on/off the
‘Psycho’ madness. Oscillations, octaves, boost, sustain, buzzer sounds and all sort of noises. Try it!
• FAT Switch: Low frequencies boost/cut
• BRIGHT Switch: High frequencies boost/cut


*The ‘Psycho’ feature can be adjusted according the pickup output


• PSYCHO – ALPHA 3PDT Switch ®
• Amphenol Jacks ®
• Short-circuit protection
• Protection against reverse polarity
• Electronic components selected in accordance with global standards of high quality in the manufacture of boutique pedals
• 100% analog
• Sheet Metal Cabinet
• Epoxy paint
• Developed and produced in Brazil
• (Use only DC supply)
• DC Power: 9VDC (negative center)
• Current consumption: 6mA
• Dimensions: 112mm x 75mm x 50mm

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